Asset of the Month Project

“The Developmental Assets are 40 research-based, positive qualities that influence young people’s development, helping them become caring, responsible, and productive adults. Based in youth development, resiliency, and prevention research, the Developmental Assets framework has proven to be effective and has become the most widely used approach to positive youth development in the United States and, increasingly, around the world.” (

Developmental Asset of the Month

Asset #23       Homework | Young person reports doing at least one hour of homework every school day.

Local Data: 55% of La Plata County youth report doing homework as described in Asset #23.  (Assets Survey 2013)

Essential Question: As a parent, have I investigated how to help make homework an effective learning tool for my child?

Tips for increasing positive homework time:

  • Sit near your children while they are doing their homework and do your own work like balancing a checkbook, writing a letter, reading work-related materials, etc.
  • When your child asks for help, give guidance and ask questions but let them work it out for themselves. Children only have to do their best, not your best!
  • Talk with your neighbors and see if they are willing to be subject matter experts for your child on topics you may not know much about. This will increase neighborhood bonds and widen the circle of “homework helpers”.
  • Encourage teens to form a study group to help each other with challenging school work.
  • Encourage your children in after school programs to do at least part of their homework there so you have more free family time together in the evening.


Source: Search Institute 40 Developmental Assets for Adolescents