Celebrating Healthy Communities Coalition

Celebrating Healthy Communities is a local prevention coalition that has been coming together for youth and families of La Plata County for 23 years. Previously operating as the Lasso Tobacco Coalition, the coalition accepted SUCAP as a fiscal sponsor in early 2015. The overall purpose is to promote a healthy community to better support youth and families to thrive. The coalition is made up of a broad cross-section of the community meeting monthly to exchange ideas and leverage each other’s work.

Major activities of the coalition include:

  • Training youth, adults and staff of youth-serving organizations in the Developmental Assets. The 40 Developmental Assets are an evidence-based framework that defines the relationships, opportunities, values and positive self-perceptions that youth need to become thriving, contributing adults. (www.searchinstitute.org)
  • Using the Science of the Positive approaches to correct misperceptions and accurately reflect healthy community norms.
  • Collaborating to hold pro-social, drug-free events that are fun and engaging.
  • Using local data to guide coalition focus and measure progress.

For more information, visit the coalition website at www.ourhealthycommunities.org. Or contact one of the SUCAP Staff involved: Pat Senecal, Coalition Director or Cody Goss, Coalition Coordinator.