Road Runner Transit connects the La Plata County areas of Ignacio to Durango, Bayfield to Durango and Ignacio to Aztec NM with medical services, jobs, education, and shopping. This is a Public transportation system. All routes are leave at the scheduled time. It is recommended to be at your stop at least 5 minutes early and visible to the driver.

The service was started in 1999 with major support from the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, and a federal grant managed by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Its initial purpose was to increase mobility among seniors, and persons without cars or licenses. As gas prices have increased in recent years, many commuters have found that they can save money by riding the Road Runner.

The Road Runner will stop outbound at Walmart and Mercy Medical Center. Stops on all runs to some locations are now by request due to low ridership. Road Runner links with Durango Transit at the Durango Transit Center.

Route Deviations: Persons with disabilities who need to be picked up on a route. Please call 970-563-4545 the day before your planned trip to allow the driver extra time for your pickup. The Road Runner will travel up to one mile off the main route to pick you up if you are disabled.

Newly added is the Road Runner Stage Lines run from Durango to Grand Junction, Co. where you can meet up with Greyhound Bus Lines or Amtrak Train services. See our website: