Forms & Fees

For people of all cultures who seek help with problems related to substance use, abuse and dependence.

60-day Intensive Residential Treatment

                                                             Total…………   $4,000.00

 Outpatient Programs

              DUI Education Classes                                   $25.00
              “Prime For Life” Workbook                           $10.00
              Level II Group Therapy                                   $25.00
              “Prime Solutions” Workbook                        $15.00
              Level II EOP Therapy                                      $40.00
              Individual Therapy                                          $15.00
              Alcohol Evaluation                                          $40.00
              Intake for Services                                          $40.00
              Breathalyzer for Monitoring                         $5.00
              OP Breathalyzer                                               $3.00
               UA or ETG                                                         $10.00
              UA/ETG Combo                                                 $15.00
              Mental Health Screening                               $50.00