Male Residential Assistant-Peaceful Spirit


                                              JOB DESCRIPTION


JOB TITLE:                            Residential Assistant    

REPORTS TO:                       Area Supervisor

SUPERVISES:                       Not a supervisory position

EMPLOYEE STATUS:         Hourly/non-exempt

SUMMARY OF POSITION: The Residential Assistant will provide supervision and assistance to residential and outpatient clients in accordance with the criteria of the program’s goals.  Also, Residential Assistants conduct inpatient/outpatient Urine Analysis (UA) tests. These tests are gender specific, i.e., males observe males, and females observe females. 

PERFORMANCE CRITERIA: Below, are the most significant performance factors involved with this position. They will be the principal factors on which the employee will be evaluated:

  1. Admit clients into residential treatment.
  2. Interpret vital signs of clients; call physician, supervisor or Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel when appropriate.
  3. Take Urine Analysis (UA); perform proper storage of the sample; accurately complete information on the appropriate UA form; assure proper transferring of UA sample to the appropriate testing authority.
  4. Keep current progress notes and log vital signs in each client’s file.
  5. Pick up client medication from IHS Clinic; chart medication orders in each client’s file; assure proper storage and security of all medications; provide supervision to clients and outpatients who are taking physician authorized medication; chart medication disbursements in the medical log.
  6. Oversee and inspect residential client housekeeping duties and client cleaning detail. Enforce cleanliness standards by requesting clients to redo work when necessary, report non-compliance to Supervisor by submitting a written incident report.
  7. Responsible for monitoring use of all hazardous materials used in the facility. Responsible for distribution, inventory control and maintenance of stringent security controls of all hazardous materials used by the program.
  8. Conduct weekly, unannounced searches on all client residential quarters, all non-residential areas within the Peaceful Spirit building and on all outside grounds. Document searches on the appropriate form.
  9. Responsible for maintaining copy room, file room, staff coffee area, education room, and the front desk area in a neat and tidy manner.
  10. Perform meal duties related to shift, including:
  11. a) Awaken clients for breakfast.
  12. b) Warm and serve the evening meal in accordance with the instructions/menu prepared by the Cook. Variations from the approved menu must be approved in advance and in writing by the Supervisor or Program Director.
  13. c) Store and label leftovers properly and in compliance with standard health requirements.
  14. d) After the clients clean up after the evening meal, inspect the kitchen area for cleanliness.
  15. e) Ensure that an evening snack is available.
  16. Oversee clients’ recreational activities, transport clients to A.A. meetings, clinic appointments, and other functions as requested by supervisor.
  17. Prepare bundles consisting of linens, books and program supplies. Place on clean and vacant bed in readiness for next client.
  18. Maintain detailed notes of all incidents occurring during the assigned shift and submit to Supervisor by the end of the same shift.
  19. Ensure that all facility doors and vehicles are locked up at 10:00 p.m. and monitor the building and premises every hour.
  20. Attend all monthly mandatory meetings, and other meetings as directed by the Supervisor.
  21. Attend and participate in in-service training and other training as directed by the Supervisor. Must maintain current, required certifications such as CPR, 1st Aid, Food Handlers, etc.
  22. Perform receptionist duties and relay telephone messages promptly to various staff members and clients.
  23. Complete all client medication forms upon client admission and prepare client folder for the intake coordinator.
  24. Perform other duties as assigned by the Supervisor.


  1. High school diploma or GED required.
  2. Experience performing duties that involved shift work; previous experience and training working with recovering substance abusers strongly preferred.
  3. Must have demonstrated ability and prior experience working with minimum supervision and high levels of responsibility in highly stressful situations.
  4. Must submit statement from a medical doctor certifying that the potential employee is free of any communicable disease. Employment offers are conditional based on this requirement.
  5. Must have or, within 45 days from hire, be able to obtain current 1st aid and CPR card, or EMT certification.
  6. Must be available to work weekends, nights, midnight shifts, irregular shifts and holidays.
  7. Because intensive interaction with substances abusers in the early stages of their recovery can trigger relapses and emotional setbacks, recovering substance abusers must have at least two years of continuous sobriety and be actively participating in therapy. Must abide by Peaceful Spirit Alcohol & Drug Free policy.
  8. Must attend and complete Level I Certified Addiction Counselor classes offered by Peaceful Spirit within six months from hire. Continued employment is based on meeting this requirement.
  9. Preference may be given to qualified applicants with Spanish and/or Ute conversational ability. Preference may be given to qualified local residents.
  10. Must have demonstrated ability to handle confidential information in an appropriate manner.
  11. Must have a license in your state of residence, provide evidence of vehicle insurance, and be insurable under SUCAP insurance.
  12. Ability to work well with clients, associates and the public; work references will be required.
  13. Indian preference applies.
  14. Must pass extensive criminal history and child abuse/neglect background checks.


Ability to communicate clearly and accurately, orally and in written form.  This includes proper completion of forms for client files. 


Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide.


Ability to maintain confidentiality at all times as required by the program.

Ability to determine when assistance is needed from other staff in dealing with clients. 


Lifting a minimum of 20 pounds may be required.

Position involves standing and sitting for long periods.

Midnight shift will require adjustment to being alert during shift and ability to sleep during day. 


Work is performed in a treatment center with some exposure to stress, and frequent interruptions.

Frequent communication with employees, clients and others on a daily basis, including telephone as well as face-to-face interaction.

May involve transporting clients to meetings and recreational activities.  


Work centered in facility. Schedules change with client needs and may include holidays, weekends or varied shifts:

Shifts vary over seven days a week 24 hours a day, as necessary to meet client needs.