Teacher Assistant – Head Start – Job Description


JOB TITLE:                            TEACHER ASSISTANT

REPORTS TO:                       Education Coordinator

SUPERVISES:                       Generally not a supervisory position

EMPLOYEE STATUS:         Regular/Full-time/Hourly

SUMMARY OF POSITION: To provide a safe, fun, and appropriate learning environment for pre-school children ages three to five.


These are the most significant performance factors involved with this position and they will be the principal factors on which the employee will be evaluated:

  1. Use available resources and opportunities in order to improve his/her knowledge and capacities in early childhood education.
  2. From time of employment, the employee has one year to acquire a CDA and will be encouraged to actively pursue the educational requirements as described in the “Teacher” job description.
  3. Expand the child’s ability to learn and grow in his/her environment by doing the following:
    1. Helping children develop the ability to effectively handle feelings and to get along with others, making it possible for them to cope with present and future circumstances; Teach and model pro-social behavior.
    2. Providing stimulation and developing materials and activities that will promote children’s gross motor, fine motor, and sensory development;
    3. Providing adequate experiences for children’s cognitive and language development in preparation for their school and life experience;
    4. Providing a safe, healthy, and well-managed learning environment so that children will have a comfortable learning and growing experience;
    5. Providing experiences and giving responses that create an atmosphere of acceptance, support, and encouragement which fosters the development of a positive self-concept and children’s individual strengths;
  4. Work within the teaching team to create lesson plans using the Creative Curriculum materials, Montessori activities and TLC activities weekly.
  5. Occasionally, a child who has not yet been picked up will remain after program hours. Teachers will follow established steps specified in Authorized Child Pick-up Procedure.  PM (afternoon) teachers must remain with the child until he/she has been picked up.
  6. Apply developmentally appropriate best practice in the classroom.
  7. Will relate with parents, children, Center staff and the public in a manner that is friendly, courteous, helpful and respectful.


  1. Ensure that educational aspects of other Head Start service areas are integrated into daily educational plans (health, mental health, safety, etc.).
  2. Provide a balance of staff directed and student directed activities.
  3. Jointly with other Teacher in the classroom, prepare daily, written plans generally following the posted schedule.
  4. Maintain accurate daily attendance and meal records.
  5. Develop positive relationships with parents, supporting their strengths and acknowledging the parents’ role as the experts on their child.
  6. Maintain current and continuous classroom records including, but not limited to: individual skill mastery, child assessment, anecdotal notes and observations.
  7. Relate positively with co-teacher and other Center staff to acquire necessary resources, process conflicts and join in common tasks which support the overall Center program.
  8. Attend meetings and trainings required by the Supervisor and participate fully, respectfully and constructively.
  9. Maintain professional conduct at all times while representing the Center.
  10. Develop an Individual Education Plan for each child that is based on parent input, results of observations, screening and assessment results.
  11. Ensure full inclusion of all children with special needs.
  12. Perform a minimum of two home visits and two parent/teacher meetings per each child in the assigned classroom, per year.
  13. Responsible for tracking and documenting in-kind occurring in program area.
  14. Responsible for monitoring volunteers assigned to program area.
  15. Regular, dependable attendance is a critical performance factor to ensure consistent, high quality services to children and families.
  16. Maintain the highest level of sanitation for your classroom and bathroom following the Center’s Safety & Sanitation Policy.
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum floors daily.
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms daily.
  • Empty Trash Daily
  • Wash windows and walls as needed
  1. Willingly perform other related duties as assigned by the Supervisor.


  1. High School Diploma or GED required;
  2. Must be willing to actively pursue CDA, AA, BA in Early Childhood Education.
  3. Must be able to work cooperatively with co-workers, supervisor, children and parents; work references will be required.
  4. Must be able to lift weight of a child without injury to self.
  5. Must pass medical, TB exam; Criminal Records and Child Abuse/Neglect background checks.
  6. Must have or obtain CPR, 1st Aid and Food Handlers Certification and maintain current thereafter.
  7. Must have valid Driver’s license and proof of insurance.


  1. Experience in early childhood education provider setting strongly preferred
  2. Previous Head Start experience
  3. Experience working in multi-cultural setting


  1. Ability to communicate clearly and accurately, verbally and in writing


  1. Possesses basic math skills


  1. Ability to maintain strict confidentiality at all times, including the ability to recognize situations in which confidentiality is required
  2. Ability to establish and maintain effective, supportive and respectful relationships with children, parents, staff, consultants and the public


 1. Ability to lift a minimum of 30 pounds is required

2. Position requires standing, sitting and kneeling


  1. Work is performed in ad educational setting with some exposure to illnesses, stress and frequent interruptions
  2. The noise level in the environment is moderate
  3. Frequent communication with employees, children, parents and others on a daily basis, including telephone as well as face to face interaction.


Must be willing to accept and adopt the Code of Ethics required of all Head Start/Early Head Start employees.


I have read and understand the above position description. I assert that I am able to perform the essential job functions, meet the physical requirements of the position and satisfy the expectation for regular attendance.

 This job description does not constitute a contract of employment.