Fatherhood/Motherhood Is Sacred

SUCAP Head Start Fatherhood-Motherhood is SacredThe Fatherhood/Motherhood is Sacred program recognizes that, “The family is the oldest and most important institution in society and is at the heart of the Native American culture. There is no other work more important than fatherhood and motherhood.” (Al Pooley, NAFFA)

This program offers a culturally rich model to help fathers and mothers to become loving and devoted parents, to create change and to build safe and happy families. The philosophy behind Fatherhood/Motherhood is Sacred is that knowledge does not heal or change people. Real and lasting change comes from within. Understanding one’s self-worth and the value they bring to-their family will change their very nature, drawing them closer to loved ones.

Our young children and our community deserve strong families. And our parents deserve specific and meaningful opportunities to gain the skills required to strengthen themselves, and to create & maintain those strong families.
SUCAP Head Start Fatherhood-Motherhood is Sacred - 2Topics include:

  • The sacredness of motherhood & fatherhood
  • Creating a sacred link
  • Vision & principles
  • The power of choice
  • Wisdom
  • Service

**All classes are free, and include meals & childcare. A commitment to attend all 12 sessions is requested. The schedule for class offerings rotates during the year. For more information, call Rebecca or Scott at the Head Start: 563-4566.**

A program of the Native American Fatherhood and Families Association. NAFFA promotes responsible fatherhood & motherhood, and strengthens individuals & families, by laying a strong foundation of a purpose-driven life.