Ann Hasse receives the ABCD Award

Ann Hasse, for the 14 years she’s been a SUCAP employee on TTA’s team, has gone above and beyond, what is generally expected of TTA Career Counselors, in her efforts to keep youth and young adults focused on their futures and achieving goals in the here and now. 

Ann does not shy away from seeking young people out, at schools, jobs, hang out venues and even their homes.  She maintains close contact with educators and training providers, parents when possible, employers, and any other agency or community-based adults involved.  When it comes to the work her young clients need to complete, Ann puts in hours of one-on-one time with them to study for Reading and Math assessments and GED exams, complete applications and create resumes, prepare for interviews, follow up with employers, complete vocational training, paperwork for registration and financial aid and anything else needing done to assure they are prepared to every extent possible to succeed.

Ann bring extraordinary passion, commitment and energy to youth and young adults and is successful in guiding them to accessing greater opportunity than they would never have had without her involvement in their lives.

It is with great admiration for Ann to get the SUCAP ABCD Employee Award.

Awarded for March, 2017.  Good Job Ann.