Board Member Job Descriptions

Category I – Representatives appointed by Local Organizations and Groups: Six members are appointed to represent groups in the following categories: Agriculture (Granges, etc.), Business (Chamber of Commerce, etc.), Education (Ignacio Teachers Association), Parents (Parent Committee), Religion (Independent contact by church representatives), other Civic organizations, and the Los Pinos Fire Protection District. Members in this category serve three-year terms.

Category I Description


Category II – Elected from the Community at Large: Six members are elected to serve two-year terms during a public election held on the first Tuesday in June in years with odd numbers, i.e., next election will be conducted in 2015. Candidates must be residents of School District 11JT or the Southern Ute Reservation.

Category II Description

Category III – Elected Officials: Six seats for representatives of the Southern Ute Tribal Council, the Ignacio Town Board and the Ignacio School Board. Each entity may appoint two representatives.

Category III Description



*The representative of the parent Group is appointed by the head Start Policy Committee annually following the election of Officers in the fall of each new Head Start year. The Parent representative normally is the parent of a currently enrolled Head Start child; therefore, this representative may or may not serve the full three-year term.