Month: December 2015

Artistic Collaboration: Transforming Youth and Youth Justice by Integrating Arts

The room was silent. Twelve probation officers sat silently in a circle. Some glared at the floor, some looked at the ceiling. The African Jembe drums sat, one in front of each PO, a silent invitation. As the lead drummer began, they started to play along, hands gently against the taut skins of the drums, […]

New Opportunities to Support Youth Employment

Youth employment currently stands at its lowest level in more than 60 years. Many suggest that this is due, in part, to thedisproportionate impact the Great Recession had on young people, particularly low-income young adults of color. The White House Council for Community Solutions estimates there are approximately 6.7 million Americans ages 16 to 24 […]

Mindfulness: Helping Youth Learn to Feel Emotions and Choose Their Behavior

Neuroscience has revealed in recent years that trauma resulting from adverse childhood events can actually change the brain — for the worse — of a developing child. And their thought processes and behaviors can become impaired as a result. They may be less able to control their emotions than youth who have not been traumatized, […]

Education Bill Would Preserve Dedicated 21st Century Community Funding

WASHINGTON — Legislation to reauthorize a major education law would preserve dedicated funding for the 21st Century Community Learning Center initiative, a top priority for after-school service providers. The bill also would give after-school programs more opportunities to share data with schools, focus on areas such as wellness and financial literacy, and emphasize the importance […]