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Southern Ute Community Action Programs, Inc. (SUCAP) is one of the largest and most diverse non-profit organizations on the Western Slope of Colorado. Created by the Southern Ute Indian Tribe on October 10, 1966, SUCAP received its non-profit corporate status as an independent entity in 1967. SUCAP has been in continuous service since then and has grown into a dynamic entrepreneurial organization dedicated to its mission.

SUCAP’s mission is to empower community members of all ages to recognize and reach their full potential by providing select programs and services in order to create better communities.

Most SUCAP programs serve the community of Ignacio, Colorado, where SUCAP is headquartered. However, some programs operate across La Plata County. One SUCAP program division, The Training Advantage, operates in 11 counties in partnership with the Colorado Workforce Center system.

SUCAP is organized into six program divisions:

SUCAP values partnership and collaboration, and frequently joins with other non-profit organizations, school districts, and government units to address community needs. In response to identified community needs, SUCAP operates the Southwest Colorado Occupant Protection Program which promotes the use of seat belts and child safety seats, and the Energize La Plata AmeriCorps service program which furthers the goals of the La Plata County Children Youth and Families Master Plan.

SUCAP is a major employer in La Plata County. Its staff of over 175 people in full- and part-time positions serve the community through the various SUCAP programs.

SUCAP is governed by a 19-member board of directors following the Community Action Programs tripartite board model.